eSmart Week

As part of our commitment to the eSmart program, students in all grades participated in classroom activities to learn more about being safe and responsible online.


The grade preps watched a video called 'Hector's World'. 

Here is a link to some of the Hector's World videos:

Hector's World


The grade 1-2 students completed tasks online and class tasks based on the online program 'Zippep's Astro Circus'. This program teaches students the acronym THINK which represents:


T - tell a trusted adult if you see something innapropriate online


H - hide your passoword and only share it with a trusted adult, not your friends


I - interesting webistes can be fun but check with an adult if the webiste is suitable for you


N - name calling and being mean is not cool, it is cyberbullying


K - keep your personal information safe. Never share your first name, phone number or address with        

     people over the Internet. Use a nickname in chat rooms or for login names.

Here is a link to the Zippep's Astro Circus tasks:


Zippep's Astro Circus


The grade 3-4 students completed activities called 'Budd-e' where they had to learn aout different ways of staying safe using technology. Each time they completed a task, they got a body part to make up their own 'Budd-e' robot.

Budd-e Link


The grade 5-6 students participated in a webinar about cyberbullying. They were online at the same time as many other students around Australia.


The eSmart Student Committee planned a colouring competition for the grade prep - 2 students.

The grade 3-6 students were asked to design a cybersafety mascot that uses technology safely and displays the school values.



Congratulations to the following students who won prizes such as iTunes vouchers and headphones:


JAF - Phuc and Naporia          JES - Heyam and Noah

JMS - Bethlehem and Diana    JMP - Thai

MLA - Chiengmai and Sidona    MJG - Gabriel and Minh

MTP - Rose and Mia                 MCL - Laksh and Anahit

MHP - Ngun        SHE - Muaz         SSZ   Teresa

SVG - Bledi        SKZ - Serena, Rochelle and Siniva


The staff eSmart Committee are organising a cybersafety parent information night which will be held on Wednesday 2nd November at 6:30pm. We encourage all parents to come along to learn a bit more about the technology your children are using and ways to help keep them safe online. 


Mrs Lehane

eLearning Coordinator

eSmart Committee Leader