Life Saving Victoria

Anthony from Life Saving Victoria visited our school today to talk about water safety.


We learnt how to stay safe around and in the water.


Some of the tips we learnt were:


  • Always swim between the red and yellow flags at the beach
  • Read the signs at the beach for warnings and restrictions
  • Don't play with balls on a riverbank and don't jump in after the ball and risk your life
  • If someone falls into a river, you can try to throw them something that floats or reach out a big stick   to pull them in
  • If you are floating you can't drown
  • If you are in trouble, put your hand up and call for help
  • If you get caught in a rip (which is s strong current that pulls you in) don't try to swim back to the beach against it as it's too strong. Even Olympic swimmers aren't strong enough to swim against a rip! Swim in the same direction as the rip until you get to calmer water or swim sideways to get to the waves then swim back into the beach.


A few students got to dress up as lifesavers and act out different situations that might happen.




It was such valuable information that everyone should know. We hope all of the students go home and share this with their families so everyone can stay safe.